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Meals for the last week of October have changed 

10/26 Popcorn Chicken

10/27 Cheeseburger

10/28 Chicken Fajita with peppers

10/29 Mac & Cheese

10/30 Pizza

Pick up will be at the High School Monday - Friday from 10:00 am-10:30 am

Pre-order online at the day prior by 6:00 pm


Any questions please email 

Sodexo, the company enhancing a healthy learning environment in support of student well-being and achievement for your school district, has launched an interactive new website for the community, parents and students. This new tool, known as SodexoMyWay, will replace the prior Sodexo Education website. 

What does this new tool mean for you? SodexoMyWay offers a platform for the community to stay informed and will enhance the learning environment with robust content that updates monthly. Resources include menus, national news relevant to student nutrition, local community news, featured videos, student well-being information and accessibility to your child’s nutrition team and the national director of wellness.

Everything on the full nutrition site can also be accessed anywhere and anytime as a customizable mobile app, which can be easily added to the homepage of your mobile device. Daily menu options, well-being tips and promotions will be at your fingertips.

Mornings can be really crazy...the alarm doesn't go off...the kids don't want to get up...there's no time to eat breakfast before the bus comes...or they're just not ready to eat...or maybe your child grabs a can of soda and a candy bar on the way to school. If this sounds like your house, we have good news for you! 

Breakfast is served daily in the Portland Schools. School breakfast will energize your child's day and provide them with a healthy start. A nutritious breakfast helps students to be more alert so they can learn more in class, and has plenty of vitamins and nutrients for a strong and healthy body. 

Breakfast is affordable too! If you qualify for free or reduced-price meals, you also qualify for the breakfast program, with no additional paperwork. You can't find a healthy breakfast at such a low cost anywhere else. 

So help your child start the day right with a nutritious school breakfast! 

Wellness Policy


Wellness Committee Meeting Minutes

In addition to healthy meals available for students, the Portland Public School Disctrict is committed to the wellness of the whole student. Please use the links below to learn more about the District Wellness Policy, read minutes from the Wellness Committee meetings, or check out out Assessment Tool! 

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