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TEACH Connecticut

TEACH Connecticut is the ultimate resource for becoming a teacher in Connecticut.


At, all the resources, tools and support you need are in one place, from determining your fit for the profession to finding an educator prep program that will get you certified to teach.

Your collection of tools and resources include:

  • Roadmap: Answer a few questions to get a personalized career recommendation based on your interests, background and credentials.

  • Why Connecticut: Explore the teaching profession and find out why Connecticut is one of the best places in the nation to lead a classroom.

  • Salary & Benefits: Discover the compensation package available to teachers in Connecticut. (Spoiler: Salaries here are among the highest in the nation.)

  • Programs Explorer: Review your options when it comes to educator preparation programs and certification. There's a path for you, no matter where you are on your journey.

  • Financial Aid & Scholarships: Check out scholarships, loan forgiveness and other financial assistance available to Connecticut teacher candidates when completing an educator prep program.

  • Schools & Community: Get to know your future colleagues and why they love working in their schools and districts in Connecticut.


TEACH Connecticut adds new content all the time, so the best way to take advantage of these services is to sign up for an account to get updates

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